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Keeping a focus on a new socialism, and the ‘universal’ class…//This Is How White Liberals Can Be Allies in Fighting Racism and Oppression of Minorities

January 26th, 2018 · No Comments

https://www.alternet.org/media/white-liberals-real-allyship-jessica-chastain-octavia-spencer: This Is How White Liberals Can Be Allies in Fighting Racism and Oppression of Minorities

We have tried in our Two Manifestos to suggest a way to reconcile a radical socialist or neo-communist framework with the idea of a universal class: the latter is a unity of multiple classes as subsets of the universal class. This approach maintains a focus on radical activism but can easily unify other subsets of the larger class, which has a prime focus on the working class. But our larger unification can embrace the sets of blacks and black activists, feminists, etc, but in a way that exposed the way in which a feminist/black bourgeoisie moves to control and perhaps thwart the aim of general equalization.

The question of white liberals suffers the same issue but perhaps it is in part a distraction to focus so closely on white liberals…

We are almost two generations past Martin Luther King in a system that is regressing in renewed appearance of racism. Clearly something is wrong here. It is important to multitask the range of issues/problems that confront the various ‘lefts’ in an integrated goal of overall social change…

This approach, then, allows parallel subsets of the universal class to work together in unity in parallel without the obsessive attempts to melt everyone down into an homogeneous fiction.

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