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Last and first…idiots…

January 27th, 2018 · No Comments

We have been critical of marxism, and that critique needs to make its point, but if anything that is because of what Marx/Engels got right. As noted in the previous post, and many before that, modernity has never quite found its right definition and the issue of capitalism has compounded that. And now we are stuck with an immense propaganda of the ‘end of history’, stolen from the left, and used to make the whole question of secular realization a culture of bourgeois domination.
In terms of the eonic effect we see that this, in analog fashion, has frequently been the case: the overall transformation is sluggish and as a result the futurist realization jackknifes against the earlier part of its manifestation. We see this at least three times: christianity jackknifes against isaelite judaism, buddhism jackknifes against ‘hinduism’, and in the modern case a similar confusion. But since we are inside it and its consequences haven’t played themselves out the picture is at times confusing. But it is clear that capitalist liberalism and socialist futurism are jackknifing against each other. The result could be ultimately disastrous with another possibility, the Roman exemplar which finally overtook the occidental west: Rome didn’t jackknife at all (except perhaps with respect to hellenic high culture) but simply wiped out everything it in its way. These statements can be confusing without a careful study of the eonic model.
But a basic issue is that modernity has never really happened and we are stuck with hopeless nonsense about capitalism and its phase of history.
The idea that capitalism should be given unrestricted license even to the point of hamburger madness destroying the Amazon basin, etc, shows the triumph of stupidity, not that stalinism was any real answer, and the bourgeois class, quite well noted by Marx/Engels, but misanalyzed by them perhaps, is degenerating into a kind imperial decadence that can’t see its way out of its own hopeless confusion. We are on the verge of a jackknifing leftism bending against capitalist momentum, and all too liable to being wiped out in the triumph, not of modernity, but of neo-barbarism.
We are ending up in a variant of the catacombing christians trying to overtake the roman empire. A struggling left is starting to catacomb in the midst of capitalism’s so-called triumph. But perhaps there is still time to confront the situation with a robust definition of a new modernity at the brink of climate catastrophe

Last and First Men: homo sapiens at the brink of reaching the stage of a New Man, or bust…
June 30th, 2017 ·


Dot.gov loss of legitimacy: the grounds for revolution…

This post sets a harsh moral tone in the context of the hopeless morass of Machiavellian politics in a period when even the Bolsheviks ended up in this morass, making it worse.

The left has to perform a difficult transition to something better than ‘bourgeois democracy’ and ‘totalitarian communism’; it must make communism more democratic, and democracy more communist. It is important to shake oneself: the record does not show what is needed, and neither marxism nor leninism has a monopoly on the subject….of postcapitalism. One feels like the BlackLivesMatter group: the conventional left is unable to deal with its own struggle, or anyone else’s.

It is hard to imagine the success of post-machiavellian politics, but the transition to a postcapitalist democratic neo-communism is the task of the impossible, and the only way forward. History is pitting man against his own extinction, as if indifferent to the result: do it right or drop dead.

A New Communism must cure the disease of the covert agency wresting control of government and creating a monstrosity of psychopaths. Leninism failed here and made the problem worse. Strike one. Let us note however that the US has brought the genre to the stage of fake democracy disguising outright fascism in a mafia reign of murder. We cannot expect a revolutionary transition to forego intelligence actions, but surely a first step in a serious postcapitalist system is to tear down the CIA, dismiss its operatives and start over with something better than Murder Inc disguised by James Bond fantasies.

We have little choice: in a last ditch effort we could wrest this system from its mafia and stop the rush to 4C plus!! The point is that we don’t know what neo-communism must be at the stage of postcapitalism, nor do we know what a revolution is, and realizing our ignorance can help the dangerous passage, with little guidance from the alarming derailment of the Second Internationale. we have no guides here.

Look at the remarkable case of Kant, with his challenge to politicians to not lie. This produces laughter now (and I think Kant didn’t fully grasp his own categorical imperative??) but if you consider the state of psychopathy brought into existence by people (we don’t even know who they are) who staged the 9/11 conspiracy. It is not use saying Machiavelli got government right by facing reality. His compromise has reached the stage of cancer in a system created by people who were naively able to create at least a crude start on a democracy. Noone in our current system has a clue to that as drone Murder One in the White House becomes an issue of National (In)Security. The whole thing is rotten beyond repair.

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