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Do we want historical laws or not?

February 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

Theories of history, and historical materialism can’t really escape the problem, suffer from the confusion over free agents, the free will question, and causal arguments about historical determination, deterministic or not. Where scientists point to historical analyses that aren’t scientific because they don’t demonstrate ‘scientific laws’, a more refined analysis might instead expose ‘theories’ that are supposedly scientific because they reduce phenomena to ‘science’ and eliminate the story of free agents. In the final analysis despite the attempts of marxists to bring ‘freedom’ back in marx’s theory/theories suffer from this limitation.
Even if we try to refute arguments about free will we can’t eliminate free agency: it is like saying we shouldn’t allow the use of a computer mouse because computers are deterministic. The statement is incoherent. Free agents are real and change the causal stream and are really the key to economic analysis.
It is interesting to study the code for a computer mouse: it is a variant or distant cousin in essence to a ‘do while’ or other similar coding statements (more like a ‘do nothing…until’) in computer programming: the computer pauses, idles or lies in waiting for input from the external device from the free agent. We never apply ‘free will’ debates to this situation, which is not causal in the classic sense whatever the case for some future ‘science’ of human behavior.
In the so-called eonic model we have a remarkable distant cousin in the variants of the ‘do…while’ statement because we have two levels or two systems in interaction: a high-level macro effect and the free agency of the human population in that context: historical events thus have a different character at different times as the mysterious macro effect generates its input, then seems to idle, as history returns to the action of free agents.
In the link to WHEE, the idea of the ‘world line of the eonic observer’ is really a fancy version of this, but applied to the end of the macro effect when man shot out of an eonic canon returns to pure free agency to reckon the future as he will. That is our current situation.
This situation shows why the most puzzling property of the eonic model, its intermittent character, comes about, because the macro action must stop, or pause, to allow free agency realization. Strange, but not stranger that another distant cousin, punctuated equilibrium, which must likewise distinguish an active interval and a passive interval…

A special property of eonic model//3.5.4 World Line of The Eonic Observer
One of the most fascinating aspects of the ‘eonic model’ is the way that the degree of free agency shifts over the past/present and the observer/free agent always sees the effect looking backwards. No other model of history has this kind of property of the fluctuation of degrees of freedom…

Source: 3.5.4 World Line of The Eonic Observer

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