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The eonic model, religion and evolutionism…

February 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/keeping-the-darwinian-faith/#!: Keeping the darwinian faith…

DARWINISM IS A RELIGION and has always been one. So says distinguished philosopher Michael Ruse, whose 2016 book Darwinism as Religion proposes that evolutionary theory is no mere explanation for our planet’s biology but a worldview that exceeds the warrant of science. For the past 150 years, Ruse claims, “evolutionary thinking generally […] and Darwinian thinking in particular […] has taken on the form and role of a religion.” In other work, Ruse has argued that religious and anti-religious controversialists have much in common: a cultivation of orthodoxies, a tendency to dogmatism, and a telling zeal for persecuting heretics. In this book, he makes the case that atheists such as himself ought to grant the religious orientation behind Darwinian culture.

The point is almost howlingly obvious until we realize it is not actually true: the term ‘religion’ changes meaning to become a ‘metaphoprical’ ‘religion’ somesuch in a secular context: the way we take religion tends to be the ‘Axial Age’ versioning of the concept nexus, christianity/judaism, buddhism, confucianism…
Whatever the case, the whole issue is confused by the simple reality, which confuses Ruse, that darwinism can’t do the job because it is at its core ‘baloney’, pseudo-science. It loses ‘religion’ and can’t even do science. So it is no religion at all, but a peculiar delusion of scientism…

The right way to do it is to use the eonic model: we can see the place of religion in ‘evolution’ in the ‘eonic’ sense, and this transcends religious/secular divides, even as it puts the ‘judeo-christian’ historicism/myth/history in its proper context.
It is futile to proceed as Ruse does if you don’t seem that darwinian natural selection is simply bad science. End of discussion.

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