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Revolutionary communism as a demiurgic projection?

February 4th, 2018 · No Comments

The text of WHEE completely bans any form of theistic/creationist speculation, but outside of that boundary we have ventured, as in Enigma of the Axial Age to consider, the context of ‘atheism’ the question of Bennett’s demiurgic powers, Kant’s demiurge, and the question of ‘Gaian meta-evolution’. Again, this is speculative and has not place in the eonic model. But it is a great irony that the emergence of leftist socialism/communist leaves the signature of a spiritual intervention, carefully disguised. Essential to that was the ‘cover’ of secularist religious critique to make socialism safe from reactionary religious legacies!
Proceed with caution here. Bennett seems to have suspected this but kept his mouth shut, being entangled in the reactionary horror of gurdjieffism…
Please don’t quote me as saying I believe any of this!

Red Forty-eight Group: revolutionary communism as a demiurgic projection?
February 7th, 2017 ·

Last year we had a series of posts on the mystery of materialist revolutionism seen as a projection of demiurgic action in the sense of Bennett (we have proposed a constant reworking of the terms,

e.g. devangelic, as a reminder to not crystallize unknowns): the larger domain of spiritual action foresaw at once the dangers inherent in the industrial revolution and moved to generate a crisis vehicle of leftist revolutionism as soon as possible While this interpretation is speculative (it appears in another form in Bennett) it is a reminder that the confusing materialism of the marxist left conceals a larger ‘spiritual’ context that is the legacy of the period just after the modern transition. Readers of Enigma of the Axial Age will recall the distinction of the process generating the eonic effect and the way that independent demiurgic powers can intervene in the post divide period.
We cannot deduce a scientific understanding here, but our point, as reminder to both the left and its exterior religious critics, is that the movement of communism has as much spiritual basis as anything in religion as such.
The mysterious realm of demiurgic power foresaw the danger of planetary destruction via capitalism and rushed to generate a rescue vehicle, which now needs rescue itself. These powers can generate starting points, but the executive action is man’s. This thesis could be the basis, not for a new leftist myth, but a reminder to religious conservatives that the left has taken up the task of redemptive action, with religious nonsense filtered out from the start as a distraction from the needs of action in a terminal crisis.

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