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Leftist incoherence

February 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Virtual revolution? beyond social democratic pseudo-revolutions…incredibly, the (marxist) left has no blueprints…
November 30th, 2017 ·
We deliberately seem to go in circles
as we bring up the issue of virtual revolution because the whole question is incoherent on the left, due, in the view here, to the limits and confusions of the marxist/2nd international legacy and its formulation of theory: we need to pursue the ‘gedanken experiment’ to create a new framework for what a revolution is to accomplish. The task invokes the impossible but we should invoke it anyway because the evolutionary path must find a way to stage the net equivalent of revolution.
Our stance is very simple: we challenge the marxist idea of capitalism as a stage of history and equate the polarities of democracy and communism. evolutionary paths will be turned into social democratic compromises with grim precision. The idea of virtual revolution can be an experimental laboratory of concepts pointing to an actual system. Our two manifestos give, at least, a broad range of specifics. Take out a piece of paper: a blueprint for a postcapitalist system…

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