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Sermonizing the DSA…?

February 10th, 2018 · No Comments


It is a bit easy to sermonize the DSA, we have done it here. But in the end I would blame the marxist left for the faults of the DSA (slightly outrageous, but…): what is the DSA to do? carry out the marxist platform? That no longer sells, even for socialists and groups like the DSA end up in a muddle…

The question of evolution/revolution has been discussed many times here but what revolution is anyone proposing? The marxist brand stands at the fountainhead of stalinism, whatever the relationship of the two.
One thing is clear, the general public confused the two and at this point a whole new praxis needed. We can put marxism in the footnotes, but the complot has to be rethought.
We have suggested in our Two Manifestos that practical form of communism can be the basis for a new approach. This may not be the ultimate answer, but it is an attempt to get specific and get past the confusions of marxist theory….
All this chatter about the working class gets a bit hopeless. 150 years after Marx/Engels, the left is still unable to make sense on the question of the working class.
also, http://www.marxmail.org/msg149463.html

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