History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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All dead in the end…? why put it off, like queequeg we need to order up our coffins right away now: the capitalists have decided, destroy the planet, and the don’t care…

February 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Interesting enough, a book I expect to read, but the consideration that we are all dead in the end fails to consider that we are closer to realizing that that fate just about now: in fact, we should begin to see the point that ‘end of history’ rationalizations have suddenly bankrupted even for those intent on realism about socialist limits: if we examine the US we see that the framework of capitalism is self-destructing. If we don’t stop it we won’t have a planet. That can focus thought.
We have been here before: the lead up to the Civil War dealt itself the same question: a revolutionary solution is impossible. Let’s settle for a comprise, from three fifths of a person to some fraction of a slave, still a slave.

We have suggested marxism is a flawed instrument and is misleading us. We have something that can take social democratic/keynesian fallacies in stride: Two Manifestos

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