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Grossman’s era and the unfolding flaws of marxist theory

February 14th, 2018 · No Comments

https://rdln.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/henryk-grossman-on-the-struggle-for-marxism-1883-1932/: Henryk Grossman on the struggle for Marxism, 1883-1932

This history is one of complete frustration, why?
We have suggested the wrong analysis of economic history into epochs and the resulting misanalysis of both capitalism and communism, which was left undefined. The abstraction ‘communism’ can’t be resolved after a revolution has taken place: it needs to be defined in advance with a program of economic functionality that is half-way sensible and concrete.
It must be witnessed, and failsafed by revolutionary monitors, with a statement of rights in advance that can’t be overriden by a covert agency arresting dissenters.
There can be a strong revolutionary authority and an open strategy for counterrevolution, but the whole game has to be some variant of an open society in formation.
We don’t have to indulge in the compromises of the Bernsteins to see that there is no simple future for socialism/communism unless these are rendered specific, testable/practical, and able produce interest and trust. have a democratic aspect, and able to produce a social totality that isn’t totalitarian…etc..
Our two manifestos, however limited, show a way to do this, but it requires, probably, simply dragging marxism out to sea like a dead whale and casting it loose. That’s a bit much and there is a crucial historical place for Marx/Engels in a left saga. But the kind of hopeless muddle of the generation of Grossman is not an option for a future social project. Even indirect references to marxism and its theories will provoke paranoia in the general public.

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