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Born again materialism

February 16th, 2018 · No Comments

R48G; the solution to the ‘materialist’ question is…materialism. Bennett and born again dialectics…?
August 17th, 2017 ·
A more generalized materialism (closer to Kant than to the brand of scientism) has long been the object of discussion here and we have followed the attempt by J.G.Bennett to create a new framework that is basically a universal materialism: this effort is an update of the ancient samkhya that passed through early christianity then into sufism and thence…who knows…

Since the left is already mired in ‘dialectics’ an historical study along these lines be useful and appropriate. And a rough sketch taken skeptically would be entirely sufficient as a work in progress…This was broached in our various manifestos with a critical look at The Dramatic Universe…that book has so many side goofs that it is hard to make use of but its basic thrust is fairly clear…There is an irony here: it is almost enough to know what you are missing in this field…

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