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Pinker book, a wager with myself…

February 18th, 2018 · No Comments

Pinker’s Enlightenment Now
This book is now out…
I haven’t read this book and hope to do so, for once, given my critical stance on Pinker and darwinism over the years.
Using my model of history I could write an upgrade to what I suspect is in this book…
In fact, because of this I can already see problems with the book in its equation of a general ‘enlightenment now’ theme with scientism/darwinism when in fact the enlightenment was far broader and really a moment in the larger modern transition (cf. our eonic effect). And there is the perilous danger of misjudging, or not seeing, the evidence of either the ‘real’ enlightenment’ and/or the larger modern transition. A good example is the way the Kantian era spawned the first attempt at a theory of evolution in the teleomechanists before the degenerated theory of Darwin. We can be sure there will be no mention of this, nor of the general Reformation, the Romantic movement, nor indeed of Kant (maybe), Schopenhauer or Hegel. What to say of the collision of terms in the sudden appearance of the Indic/Buddhist term ‘enlightenment’ during the secular enlightenment. I will wager also we will see the enlightenment producing enlightened economics as rational capitalism with little mention of the onset of revolutionary politics.

I’ll wager myself a nickel on this til I read the book…

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