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Alan Woods repeats every cliche of marxism past…

February 21st, 2018 · No Comments

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This is a list of the many posts going over the classic marx meme of socialism, utopian/scientific…

Alan Woods, who is defiantly conservative in his marxism, and probably trying to attack me at this blog save that he dare not mention my name, resurrects all the shibboleths of the marxist legacy but the problem that eludes the champions of marx is that much of his thinking is out of date, wrong, or simply stale.
To be seriously arguing that historical materialism and dialectical materialism are scientific is simply nonsense at this point. If any thing those two conceptual blobs are the core flaw in the whole theory of the left. Who needs them? We can formulate the whole with nothing but the classic Manifesto, which to be sure must itself be the object of critique.
We have suggested a simplified outline of world history that takes into account all its aspects, not just economics, and a path to communism as democracy. The ‘democratic market neo-communism’ of our two manifestos are simply a series of suggestions.
The change the perspective slightly in ways that might be open to debate: they suggest both a new international and a version of socialism in one country in a form that be viable as is and also move toward a larger global community, etc…
They also put the working class in the background for a moment in order to look at the ‘universal class’ and the overall relation of classes moving into postcapitalism. (you can certainly make the working class a focus in the path to neo-communism, of course)
The point here is to find something that can seriously be offered as a resolution of postcapitalism. The marxist analysis just doesn’t work properly..

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