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upgrading marx: two manifestos and a challenge to marx dogma…//170 years of the Communist Manifesto

February 21st, 2018 · No Comments

In many ways the Manifesto of Marx/Engels is as claimed still relevant today, more so than the confusing theoretical framework of the later Marx. It is in many ways all the left needs from marx, putting the classic Capital on a shelf as a more contemporary version emerges.

The period of the 1840’s up to the end of the revolutions of 1848 are the creative gestation of a great movement in world history. We forget the other classic of that year, The German Ideology, which began the onset of a great new meme, but also of a series of fallacies that have hampered marxism throughout. Alan Wood makes the claim in this article that everything about marxism is still completely valid, refusing all efforts to critique or upgrade the subjects. But marxism has stalled in its evolution, in part because its basic theories are false or else so challenged that marxists themselves retreat into denial and kneejerk defense…historical materialism and stages of production theory are confused constructs that are holding the left back…

We have produced an attempt to recast the point of the manifesto in an upgrade that recasts the basic point in a simpler and more manageable form and in the process asks if markets are the core issue. We have suggested that the expropriation of the bourgeoisie should lead to the creation of a constitutionally based Commons and this can be matched a new version of market communism next to a planned sector and a low level autonomous sector. The original manifesto is ambiguous and its later theoretical successors have produced a set of confusions.
Two Manifestos

Source: 170 years of the Communist Manifesto

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