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The eonic effect as a basis for action

February 23rd, 2018 · No Comments


I have often recommended a postmarxist platform based on the eonic effect (with or without the eonic model) because it doesn’t require a theory to use it, and can be made the empirical foundation for a set of studies, whether economic or not. Much of Marx is useful, of course, but often better as a set of questions: instead of calling class struggle the engine of history, a dubious claim, one can simply look at class relationships at different epochs.
But more generally this approach will enforce a balanced study of historical, religious, philosophic, scientific, economic and technological issues. Trying to force history into historical materialism or epochs of economy has plainly failed.

The framework for democratic revolution and communist transition are very similar, despite appearances, and this can be unified by the study of the evolution of the state and thence of democracy.

The eonic shows the way to deal with a teleological hypothesis, next to a strong suggestion to be wary of that concept.
There is a further irony in the way that the tasks of objectivity and the attempts at ideology can coexist: the distinction of system and free agents makes the two jobs coexist, revolving around the idea of freedom, etc…

Marxists are completely stubborn on the issue of Marx’s theories. But it is high time to recast the whole subject. And let us forestall the potential tragedy here: another marxism-based revolution coming into being and once again drifting off into the confusions of bolshevism/stalinism…

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