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R48G: the revolutionary question confronts totalitarian capitalism…antifa and the question of non-violence…
September 26th, 2017 ·

archive: a passing thought…how about a party of antifa guerillas?…//Democratic socialists struggle for relevance

A guerilla movement (e.g. of antifa graduates…)? don’t take any leads from here, as such, invitations to end in jail require discrimination, but…. The system current is gearing up to make any dissent almost impossible, ironically feeding dissent. But the reality remains as a question: how could a revolutionary group induce regime change in a system as subtly totalitarian as the US (and any such movement needs to be an international in conjunction with a global movement)? It is at least essential to ask the question to free ourselves of the Tony Blair Frankenstein factory called the left with its ‘nonviolence’, social democratic hype machine, and incoherent issue activism. We have suggested ‘virtual revolution’, basically ‘free speech’, as a way to discuss issues in a larger holistic context: a comprehensive platform amounting to regime change. But the question remains, can a movement of revolutionary leftists seize power? The idea should be explored very explicitly, if only to free thinking from the current treadmill of good intentions that has been stalled throughout the neoliberal period. The real answer might be that the current system is destabilizing and will provide the opportunity. It is a question of being ready. If we examine the leninist phase (which we don’t endorse, as an obsolete moment, but possibly with relevant data), we see that Lenin was simply out in left field, and yet he had a movement that was ready. A point we might deny, but the point is clear. We are out in left field, but the moment will come. So it is a question of being ready.
A few ideas, reiterated here several times:

marxism, the second international were a huge success but the failed…we must start over. No more marxist jargon, leninist cultism, etc…
We need a practical, defined, and specific form of socialism/neo-communism that can create a functioning economy from the start. By failing to define communism, and armed with stages of production theory, leftists were operating in a void and stalinism entered that void. and the left was blindsided by the misean counterattack and lost its argument, or so it seemed.
we have suggested a mixed system of constructivist neo-communism that once it has created a Commons via the expropriation of Capital can create multiple sector system of planned, marxist and autonomous sectors. Such a system is eminently possible and bypasses the issues of utopian systems…
This requires a new democratic political system. The separation of powers is eminently transferable, but under the rubric of a constitutional democratic communism.
A simple campaign finance reform could transform the american system, but that is never going to happen…A new start is needed…

Th american system suffers its curse: imperialism, capitalist militarism, covert domination and a deep state, along with the monkey of israel on its bakc, all of these must be challenged and reformed, or abolished.

We need something more that the thirties-style far left scaring the system into FDR-style reformism. So how can that be brought about…?

The debate over the antifa is misplaced, in part because the tactics of the antifa are quixotic. The question of violence is miscalculated: public attacks on the fringe right in public are publicity stunts but not long-range tactics. How can a radical left really challenge the system as is? We suspect this system is undergoing collapse in slow motion and with the coming of climate calamity it is in reality on its last legs. The left needs, in principle, to get past the false non-violence ideology of phony gandhians. The american revolutionary war, the civil war, were not pacifist gestures.
The point overall here is the left at present is a feckless shambles and isn’t ‘ready’ for the coming moment.

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