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The marxist left’s confused/ing leadership

February 26th, 2018 · No Comments

archive: R48G: the lack of any real socialist leadership…
September 2nd, 2017 ·
The rise of a new socialism may be gestating but it isn’t happening yet: the discussions we have been looking at all seem to fail to reach the threshold of ‘socialism’, but if they do they get entangled in dated marxism and bounce back into social democratic thinking and issue activism and hand wringing over the ‘working class’.

We can barely hope to propose a revolutionary strategy (what is it?) but we can at least insist on the need for an integrated platform. That includes economic, political, and constitutional issues.
Unless we can confront capital and bring it to a Commons an immensely destructive gang of capitalists will simply demolish all socialist hopes.

Passing back and forth between the term ‘socialism’ and ‘social democracy’ (the former usually passed off as the latter) is as understandable as it is in the destructive of intelligent discussion.

A socialist movement has to move now to serve the working class and yet to transcend that single class focus (our idea of the universal class), propose the expropriation of capital, challenge in the american case the military/industrial complex, challenge an imperialist war strategy, challenge the rogue intelligence agencies, indict a criminal sector of government indulging in covert drug rackets, challenge the jewish lobby and israeli infiltration of government, expose the ‘deep state’ aspect of the 9/11 conspiracy, next to platforms to reform democratic politics (viz. campaign finance, etc…)…have we a complete list?

What is happening is that in the name of socialism everyone is going to focus on raising the minimum wage, most probably failing until inflation enforces a treading water conclusion. We can listen carefully to critiques of revolution but then we must propose the net equivalent via electoral means, a long shot…

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