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Our perspective fits on the back of an envelope

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Let us restate our simplified model/chronicle of world history: the whole thing can be written on the back of an envelope.
World history can be taken empirically as a chronicle. It gives a hint of a set of measured eras of mysterious provenance:
greater and proximate antiquity and the rise of the modern
Capitalism and technology develop from the beginning
as the State emerges as a first phase of higher civilization.
Working classes exist in multiple varieties and forms
becoming the modern style proletariat in modern times.
We can also think in terms of a universal class concept.
Civilization develops the State as one phase of freedom
and then we see democracy emerging as freedom from the state.
We can see that in the final analysis that democracy and the freedom of
the working class are related: we can derive their unification
as an axiom of fairness in a Commons of economic resources.
We usually call that ‘communism’ and the result is
that democracy is fulfilled by communism and communism by democracy.

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