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Capitalist thugs, high barbarism and the destruction of modern equality?

March 3rd, 2018 · No Comments


The eonic model taken in one gulp is too much at first, and we can only recommend a careful study of its analysis of world history. Please do it! Conventional scholarship is never going to get it straight because the course of history is not the unfolding of some kind of sociological process. It is not, and not a single conventional analysis will get it right.
Let it be said, despite its rouseauan myths the world of the socialists/marxist almost got it right: the trend toward equality is coopted by class struggles compounded by capitalist dynamics which nonetheless provide a material basis for a social equalization.
But somehow despite this marx with his theories fumbled the ball: we spot the reason. His very reasonable analysis, that of the socialists of his era, gets entangled in a complicated theory of economic epochs and this throws his very reasonable analysis out of whack. There is no inherent progression of epochs from feudalism to capitalism to communism. We have suggested instead a process of constructivist social transformation based on a mixed hybrid of post-capitalist markets, socialism/communism, and demcoracy. But you have to define and create such a system: it doesn’t exist in the abstract and the key assumptions about equality must survive the creators of such a system.
The issue of inequality is clearly at the core of the modern transition, and clearly the brand of capitalism that emerged tended to complicate that picture to the point that the democratic revolution spawned a communist antithesis.

But we are beginning to see what the era of romanism shows: republicanism overtaken by gangs of thugs who will create imposter systems of high barbarism. Those thugs are already in existence in the capitalist class which is set to redefine the world system around some new form of power dynamics. History has spoken however: the induction of revolutionary transformation is the gift of time to those dominated by high barbarism: equalization, revolution, and democracy are the option of the open future whose trends toward inequality are not fixed futures…

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