History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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the muddle of historical sociology…/?How to change the course of human history | Eurozine

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Rereading this article again it seems confusingly distracted: the reason is obvious. You can easily debunk standard views (they have little evidence from the deep past) but what you substitute will be as weak with not much evidence. The result is incoherence.

Challenging the standard ‘rousseuan’ idyll is all very well but the evidence of more recent history has to be the defining standard and that record shows that, whatever the case of the Neolithic (and Paleolithic) the era of the rise of the State creates hierarchical societies, but this is matched over time with experiments in equalization. Overall however the picture is bleak: the emergence of democracy is a later struggle still continuing in our time. The concept itself is flawed and required a socialist amplification.
We have pointed to ‘eonic effect’ as a better way to analyze this endless confusion of historical sociologists. A further issue is the question of theories of evolution: under the influence of darwinism the whole field is a hopeless muddle.

The pieces are all there to create an entirely different world history. For the most part, we’re just too blinded by our prejudices to see the implications. For instance, almost everyone nowadays insists that participatory democracy, or social equality, can work in a small community or activist group, but cannot possibly ‘scale up’ to anything like a city, a region, or a nation-state. But the evidence before our eyes, if we choose to look at it, suggests the opposite. Egalitarian cities, even regional confederacies, are historically quite commonplace.

Source: How to change the course of human history | Eurozine

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