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 the eonic effect resolves much of the confusion of world history…//Gordon Childe and Marxist archaeology – International Socialism

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Childe’s work seems to endure still, in rough strokes, subject to critical re-examination, etc…The Neolithic and Urban revolution correspond fairly well to our thesis of eonic directionality. But the larger picture eludes all parties.
The simplest path to a solution is to posit a frequency hypothesis of 2400 years: 3000…600 BCE…1800, with a set of transitions just before these dates. The match to the facts of this strange approach is too great to be chance. The pattern thus considered immediately suggests a generalization backward to ca. 5500 and 8000 BCE (and before?). This generalization lacks sufficient factual confirmation to be really convincing to most but the suggestion must remain as research continues.
The conclusion is that the rise of civilization contains a hidden developmental teleological driver of very complex properties. The sequential series is accompanied by a synchronous parallel effect visible in the Axial ‘Age’ or interval. This compounds the complexity and leaves us with a matrix analysis of elusive complexity.

This complication probably resolves however the confusion of most world histories in their earlier phase: there is a mainline, but also a set of possible synchronous effects. But this requires a very careful analysis of the diffusion fields of each stage to distinguish that diffusion from a synchronous effect: here’s an example that will test the most knowledgeable scholar: does indic spirituality (primordial shaivism) appear synchronously in the Neolithic or is it a spinoff of Sumerian innovation? Such questions remind us of how little we know…Another example is the question of New World diffusion. In general we must be wary of anything prior to 3000 BCE (with the later two millenia almost as bad…
The overall picture is that in the period 12000 to 8000 BCE in the Levant roughly there is an agricultural transition, followed by the rise of the state, visible first to the north of Sumer ca. the 5500 period, then most notably in the period 3000 BCE in Sumer, but with a first parallel effect in Egypt. What was happening synchronous to this spectacular focal advance is not clear, but we must be wary of oversimplification, but the overall picture is clear: an analysis using a frequency hypothesis of 2400 years is the best solution to the larger riddle, granting the need for further research: this is a falsifiable hypothesis. We can wait to see that future research will disclose about the earlier neolithic/paleolithic eras. This is a treacherous field, and our thesis seems very strange, but the overall field is hardly less confused.
The question requires long study, and not just in specialized areas: you MUST study the overall global situation across ten millennia…
So far there is little evidence that scholars will even glance at such a thesis. But this could change…

Source: Gordon Childe and Marxist archaeology – International Socialism

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