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The red herring of ‘western civilization’

March 5th, 2018 · No Comments

http://bigthink.com/big-think-books/slavoj-zizek-the-courage-of-hopelessness-a-year-of-acting-dangerously “Is it even possible to oppose capitalism anymore?”
The whole idea of the ‘west’ and ‘western civilization’ is a fallacy and if we adopt the perspective of the ‘eonic model’ we can see that east and west are already a unified system in which modernity due to a frontier effect became the temporary focus point of a macrosequence. The process seeds innovation in a given area which then proceeds to globalize as it creates a global oikoumene.

Thus the issue of the ‘twilight of the west’ is a red herring: it was never a question of the west but of a core area generating a global effect. The real issue is to find a new international beyond the failing capitalist globalization, one that can ‘easily oppose capitalism’ given the logic of its own modernist legacy. In any case the regression from modernity, which isn’t western, and which has been adopted with alacrity by virtually all parties, can never provide the answer. One can only reiterate the obvious, stated from the beginning, as the capitalist generation of globalization completes the way must be found to a version of a communist international that can rescue the whole system from ecological disaster and detect in modernity a universal culture that is far richer than it own capitalist mismatch…
The west may well ‘twilight’, but its larger task is ‘mission accomplished’, but inomplete.

How can the left create a new framework? a suggestion from the eonic model…
November 18th, 2017 ·

After a year plus of new material critiquing marxism we are left with the feeling of talking to a void.
The cadre of marxists is too rigid for any new conceptions and revolves in a series of cliches. We have suggested in any case that much of marxism can reach the future if the overall framework drops its theories and operates in a more flexible manner.
A new view of history is required and we have suggested the eonic model in a minimalist form as a means to dissolve theories like historical materialism. Leftists don’t seem to understand that a false theory repeatedly debunked simply brings marxist momentum to a halt as the critics on the right prevail…

There is a way to adapt the eonic model to the crypto-teleology of epochal communism as per the marxist canon: the eonic sequence generates a potential and it is left to man as revolutionary to produce the realization of democracy as communism. The ‘end of history’ is a potential and we see this strangely at the level of political emergentist formations, e.g. democracy…and communism, still not realized. Historical directionality brings man to threshold where he must complete the operation. That potential lies in the concept of the ‘evolution of freedom’ which has visible aspects in emergence of civilization. This formulation is better because it resolves the issue of teleology and yet leaves man to ‘make himself’ as an autonomous individual.

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