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zizek evades high barbarism with high idiocy…//How to oppose capitalism in 2018 | Big Think

March 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Zizek intones with a curiously no terminal version of his brand and the result is a kind of idiocy. One can only recommend a new version of the communist thesis to get past the fallacies of ‘western civilization’ and the misplaced attacks on eurocentrism. Even as critics attack the ‘west’ they accept and apply all of the core values of what they attack. The resolution is to see that the conventional account is flawed on both sides.
One might recommend the perspective of the eonic effect/model to get past the question of the ‘West’. or ‘western civilization’. The classic legacy on the left, despite the failure of bolshevism, points to the solution proposed all along: moving beyond capitalism to an integrated international that has restrained capital domination,…pankaj idiotically wants some kind of neo-ottoman post-democracy?? Zizek is coming unglued, that’s a lot of books down the drain…

Source: How to oppose capitalism in 2018 | Big Think

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