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It is not utopian to challenge economic injustice and capitalist totalitarianism…//Utopia is a dangerous ideal: we should aim for ‘protopia’ | Aeon Ideas

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments

The attack on utopia is a rightist canard and it is remarkable shermer would still ply this nexus of fallacies. The issue is not some ‘utopian’ perfection but the creation of a social system that realizes equality, justice and economic fairness. It is not a utopian aspiration because the obstacles in the way are humanly created forms of domination.
We have addressed this many times here in terms of incremental ‘remorphing’ what we know is possible into what can realize an upgrade that expresses a form of justice. In any case it is not utopian to consider the possibility of a postcapitalist era. It is in many ways the capitalist era that is utopian and its outcome is potentially ecological destruction…

Source: Utopia is a dangerous ideal: we should aim for ‘protopia’ | Aeon Ideas

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