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secular humanist idiocy…//Heavens on Earth » Michael Shermer

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments

The context of the previous post is a new book by shermer on the ongoing and useless effort by so-called secular humanists to scotch beliefs in soul, immortality, and an afterlife. Has shermer never heard of kant and his warning about the limits of knowledge and our inability to have knowledge of metaphysical realities one way or the other.

That can’t be taken to establish negative findings as to the ‘noumenal’ aspect of spiritual subjects. We have no metaphysical certainties positive or negative.

It is a futile exercise to try and negate the soul, afterlife, and beliefs that in some way these realms are illusion. Modern scientism lives in the illusion such things are illusions.
We can accept our uncertainty but proceed with an operational or provisional faith in such realms. We hardly have any other choice: to strip man of his larger dimension is a catastrophe of bad science.

Source: Heavens on Earth » Michael Shermer

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