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Last and first international

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This is a web site for the Fourth International

We have suggested all these internationals are really variants of the second, an obvious point or not. But throughout the constructs of marxism dominate. We have suggested repeatedly the need for a critique of the legacies and a new start, something beyond a mere numerical successor…

Last and first International
January 30th, 2018 ·

archive: The Red Fortyeight Group: accelerating past the Second Internationale
June 26th, 2015 ·

Last and First Men places the core of marxism in a new context, one that is materialist/idealist, postdarwinian, mindful of the history of religion, monotheistic/dharmic (xtianity, buddhism), able to both debrief and reinvent ‘religion’ for the future, thus adept in the legacies of meditation, and able to speak to and challenge the shift of social centers of gravity beyond the theft of radicalism by crypto-conservative new age movements.

The question of human evolution is a train wreck for all parties and the only solution is to approach the issue slowly over time with a realization that human evolution simply isn’t within the domain of explanation for current science. The question of human evolution impinges on issues of language, mind, consciousness, ‘soul’, ethical action and free agency, art and creativity,…That’s a staggering list of ‘hard problems’ and in not one of these zones of the hypercomplex has there been any kind of foundational breakthrough. To be mindful of these obscurities we should note that enlightened buddhas can’t fully solve the problems of how human complex consciousness evolved. The new age movement has thus in this vacuum veered off into its own confusions under the banner of ‘spiritual evolution’.
The question of evolution is therefore a truly complicated one. Instead we get the paltry findings of the evolutionary psychologists trying to make altruism debunking safe for market mania.

The left must challenge the social darwinism of the classic mainstream Iron Cage scientism allied with capitalist ideological class warfare. It is baffling that the left can’t manage the simple critique of darwinism pioneered by scientists themselves and available even to conservative lobby groups who have been making mincemeat of darwinism for a generation. The critique of capitalist economics should be easy: it is a serious joke of non-theory, but can the expose of this mathematical sleight of hand even be managed by the quote mongers of Marx’s dabblings in theory. And move to produce models of economy that can function in a postcapitalist mode?
We must suspect that elites cling to darwinism because it is their excuse to genocide as class warfare. History has shown this monstrosity in action once already.

There have been many Internationales after the Second, but that phase gave birth to marxism as we ‘speak’ it now, and which is frozen in place.
Given the rigidity of this archaic brand, the left must start over with a new successor that can create a new movement, a new set of concepts, an historical anchoring in marxism with a fast getaway strategy from its ‘ideological crudspeak’.

A new movement, viz. The Red Forteyeight Group, has to start from scratch and start to open to the complexity of problems it can’t as yet solve. Materialist junk science is a temptation to be resisted, but a temptation in the formation of cadres suffering cultural kwashiokor. If we look back at the Second Internationale we see a poignant effort by the Kantian socialists, hijacked by conservatives perhaps, to try and inform their generation in a context of confusion over the ‘dialectic’ and materialist extremism applied to human anthropology. In general a revolutionary movement needs a broad humanism that is based on a real man with a mind, soul, spirit, ethical agency, and a potential of consciousness. An economic theory that is able to expose the mathematical ideologies current as super-mystification, and a stance on modernity that is more than the study of the revolutions of 1848. The first communist movement of modern times was a Reformation church.

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