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5.1 Cycle, System Return: The Axial Age

March 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Source: 5.1 Cycle, System Return: The Axial Age

If we speak of the modern transition and its enlightenment we can surmise that the parallels in the Axial period could receive similar treatment:

the chinsese enlightenment in the period of confucius, the most ironic version in the indic axial period, the greek enlightenment, and finally, again, ironically, the israelite ‘enlightenment’, a depiction that wouldn’t find favor with secular humanists, but against the backdrop of greater history a case can be made for the ‘rationalization’ of paganism as monotheism…? We are left with the mystery of the israelite transition 600/900 BCE and its anomalous character. This deserves a long discussion in another post or essay.
The anomalous character, apparently, of the judaic transition, followed by the xtian follow up, is the source of great tension in world history, but the mystery remains of why the very late remnants of esoteric buddhism declared war on judaism. (cf. The Gurdjieff Con)
If we examine the modern transition we see a judaic reformation in precise timing and a strong trend toward assimilation and secularization. Beside the holocaust few have thrived better in modernity than the jews…

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