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dialectic of the enlightenment…dialectic of the dialectic…//3.5.2 Stream and Sequence: Transition and Oikoumene

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Source: 3.5.2 Stream and Sequence: Transition and Oikoumene

There is no reason why we can’t criticize the ‘enlightenment’. But adorno’s approach with the ‘dialectic’ is problematical. What is the status of the ‘dialectic’ beside the ‘instrumental reason’ so harshly exposed? Fro many the dialectic is hegelian irrationalism, and/or a theological legacy from such as boehme. Perhaps a bastard child of the counterenlightenment. The left has a lot of bad books using dialectical reason and it is sheer presumption for adorno et all to castigate ‘instrument reason’ a la the enlightenment with the pastiche of rational thought going form hegelian to materialist dialectic.

If we examine the eonic sequence we see the interplay of stream and sequence: historical transformation is tremendously difficult because of the complexity of the stubborn past and developing process outside its immediate influence. A perfect example is the greek case where the idea of freedom is born even as the social disease of slavery is developing apace. Slavery is no part of the macro sequence which moves at a different level: it must seed the idea of freedom in the immense inertia of a prior social nexus of slavery which will get worse before it gets better. But ‘stream’ aspect will finally be defeated here a whole cycle further in modern times…Note how abolition is correlated with the modern transition (and enlightenment)…
The dialectic arrives via hegel who is influenced by occult, religious, and other traditions. The status of the whole dialectical tradition is highly questionable, we could do one better than adorno with a dialectic of the dialectic…

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