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pinker confusion, the holocaust blamed on the enlightenment??? Should we blame predatory zionism on the the philosophes?//“Enlightenment Now”: Steven Pinker’s grand apology for capitalism – Salon.com

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Source: “Enlightenment Now”: Steven Pinker’s grand apology for capitalism – Salon.com

We have commented critically on pinker’s new book trying to put the issue of progress in historical context. Part of the problem is to see the enlightenment in isolation where its component aspect in a larger transformation is lost to view: we have used the eonic model look beyond the the enlightenment to the reformation, scientific revolution, political revolution, with an ideological spectrum from liberalism to communism, the romantic movement, the counterenlightenment (a very complex and contradictory element), and the ambiguous status of the new capitalism, etc… There were many enlightenments, the french, german, scottish, english and the result is a complex counterpoint that brings civilization to a new level, one that rapidly globalizes. In the larger context of the eonic effect the enlightenment is like a gift, one that simply injects a theme or set of themes. The model distinguishes system action and free action: if men screw up the gifts of time, that is something else.
I have not read Bauman’s book but would generally challenge the effort to blame the holocaust on modernity. How does it follow? Can we blame the roman games or the ‘rationality’ of the roman empire on the athenian enlightenment? The question of antisemitism requires a different line of explanation.What of the occult question raised at the
Gurdjieff Con? Although luther and voltaire had antisemitic views (perhaps) by and large the rise of modern judaism itself shows the strong influence of the reformation and the enlightenment. Should we blame predatory zionism on the the philosophes?

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