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 Capitalism’s ‘murderous tyrannies’

March 14th, 2018 · No Comments

The question of property is a kind on fundamental for the legacy of 1848: the issue is simple, why should the earth’s resources fall into the hands of a usually predatory minority for all time. The result is the slow but steady erosion of democratic potential and the destruction of the Commons.
If anything has created ‘murderous tyrannies’ it is capitalism. Stalinist state capitalism wasn’t the answer: our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ can adopt a host of more intelligent solutions.
Two Manifestos

But the solution to this, the FT authors are at pains to say, is not the confiscation of private property or communism – this only breeds “murderous tyrannies”. And “we also think Marx and Engels would update their views about private property. While the abolition of private property was their first and most prominent demand, we think they would recognise that Have-Nots have benefited from property rights. Moreover, we argue that state-held property is problematic, leading to waste, inefficiency and the likelihood of being co-opted by the Haves in our societies today. As the role of the state has grown, inequality has also grown. And the Have-Nots have been the ones who have paid for it.”

Source: From Communism to Activism? | Michael Roberts Blog

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