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and the young Weitling…//The Young Karl Marx – film review – Counterfire

March 17th, 2018 · No Comments

I finally got around to watching this cogently intelligent film…The Marx/Engels saga is the real gist of what later became dogmatic marxism and in many ways this earlier period is the real core of the communist genesis. The episode with weitling is a bit sad and in a mysterious irony the displaced weitling is coming home to roost over the now visible failure of marx’s determination to fight utopians with his ‘science’. As we have argued that science is flawed and that leaves the question of tactics to some hoped for ‘born again’ science/praxis. Marx’s strategy was arguably the right one, but weitling, arguably, had a core idea that deserves a closer look
https://mronline.org/2010/10/21/wilhelm-weitling-the-first-german-communist/: Weitling, the First German Communist…
We have discussed the issue of xtianity and the left here many times, but all in all marx’s strategy against religion seems inevitable and for its time a formula for success. But the irony is that while xtianity is a corrupted legacy marxism’s ‘materialism’ is no match for the enigma of that religion. The problem is that noone understands it, and it is very unlikely that it can be upgraded to produce a communist movement…but wait, weitling did just that. So the issue remains, and resurrects: what is the status of the early xtian movement?
We have tried to both embrace and exit from this question with our idea of ‘floating fourth turning points’ in the creation of a post-xtian secularism that can deal with religious issues in the context of revolutionary movements…

Source: The Young Karl Marx – film review – Counterfire

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