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Internationals stuck in the past

March 18th, 2018 · No Comments

There have been many Internationals, but all of them are mostly cloned descendants of the 2nd, with a few alterations.
But we need something radically new at this point. The material in Last and First Men shows a series of ‘exit’ strategies in this situation. That is ‘exit’ from stalinist hangover, not from core communism. The core of marxism, which needs a radical update, is not the real problem. I think that the theories of marxism are wasting a lot of time. Drop all of it. You can keep the labor theory of value, as meaning workers are getting ripped off, but all the theories here are confusing people.

It is time to drop theory and stick to simpler outlines and descriptions. The outline in LFM is one good version of the chronicle approach.

A new leftist postmarxism can easily avail itself of the legacy by simply studying the history of modern revolutions, the revolutions of 1848, the history of economic theories up through marginalism, exposes of mathematical fraud, …,ideology, class analysis without the dogmas of ‘historical materialism’, the latter to be translated out of the ‘materialism’ question. Marx’s views/theories here overrated and shouldn’t be a standard of conformity.
Marxists are forced into futile studies of Capital whose incoherent theory cripples clear thinking. Drop theory, please.
It is almost impossible to produce a genuine mathematical theory of economics (at the level of Newtonian physics), so why bother? It is better to detail the histories of economies and maintain the standard of value judgment that allows evaluation of what is going on. The attempt to produce marxism as a value-free science, amidst the thundering tarnations of Marx, hey, value analysis, were ill-conceived as nineteenth century positivism. We have exposed the marxist darwinism many times. Time for the left to drop Darwin’s theory.

The issues of religion, atheism/theism, idealism, versus materialism, and much else are confused by marxism. God, no god, who cares at this point: a Kantian viewpoint shows the metaphysical futility here.
A communist left requires sophisticated histories of world religion and a means for an inclusive meta-religious, not anti-religious, perspective, with a solid definition of the secular and its relationship to legacy religions.

There are many more issues here, but I fear the old marxist left, addicted to dialectical bullshit, and with a cultic submission to Marx dogma is going to pass away before a new and aggressively updated postmarxism that is faithful to the core legacy but able to enter a new and uncertain future where the nineteenth century marxist fundamentalism seems but tired and stale.

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