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Neo-liberal dead zone

March 18th, 2018 · No Comments

The strange circumstance of an American culture beset with Bible Belt assaults on evolution is by now a conventional narrative,
but it forgets that the US alone has resisted the onset of Iron Cage darwinism and the time is ripe for the left, consistently on the side of confusion here, to take up the critique of evolutionary ideology, and do it right, not as in the feeble attacks on sociobiology of a generation ago, but in the spirit of a new search for the basis of science. The left doesn’t realize it but it cannot recover a public reputation and impetus without matching the right’s disenchantment with darwinism (mixed with its ongoing social darwinist subnarrative) and proceeding to a new level of evolutionary discourse in association with a better science than we have now.
This was the sub-text of Last and First Men and the creation of a society able to ‘evolve future man’ would be a tour de force but as things are now far beyond the capacity and ken of the by now obsolete nineteenth century materialists of the era of Marx.
The question of materialism is as good as any in the attempt to create a world view of the future left, but the radical yogis of antiquity came to this point of conflict with the conservative factions of their world and spawned the materialism of Samkhya as a universal category of spiritual discourse. The modern left should take up the genre to learn to speak the languages of culture now fluxing through the new age movement. The language of materialism blended with the legacies of buddhism, yoga, and jainism is already an ancient achievement, so the figments of a future left can learn these dialectics with a view to a global discourse beyond the stale verbiage of the Second Internationale.

We seem to be seeing remarkable surges of something still alive after the era of the neo-liberals. Figures like Sanders seem to evoke a response to the exhaustion and nausea of a generation of the liberal/left disappointed at every turn. Let us hope that the older left can be ready with something more than the worn out marxism of…the older left.

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