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Capitalist hypnosis

March 26th, 2018 · No Comments

R48G: the hypnosis created by capitalism has blinded us to the task and responsibility to experiment with complex new forms of economic organization
September 18th, 2017 ·

One browses through left/marxist websites and notes the inability to critique the classic legacy with little realization that marxism is itself keeping radicalism in check.

This is murphy’s law. What a pity. One can easily become mesmerized by the clever package of marxism, but unfortunately its enemies are well aware of its flaws. One must start over, and failure to do so simple hands the subject over to critics. This fact must be faced because the idea of communism is not a marxist monopoly. Very few changes need to be made to upgrade and refurbish this tradition but the cadre seems stuck in the past and unable to see the nature of the problem. It is a problem of the mechanization of thought and this creates paralysis and a kind of compulsive repetition syndrome. We have suggested that one can easily detach from the monolith without totally divorcing from the history of marxist thinking. One of the key issues is to stop promoting historical materialism in a world with several billion monotheists. If the histomat were a correctly developed theory that would be one thing. But its core is really a kind of propaganda, rather than a theory about much of anything. The question of historical stages was misanalyzed from the start and the stage of feudalism is a fiction.
The model was used to make the coming of communism seem inevitable but that is not cogent anymore. The point is that communism is by no means inevitable: what is probable is a descent into barbarism driven by capitalism. We must seize the initiative as free agents able to construct a new democracy based on a communist foundation. Ironically we would ‘prove marx right’ if we established a postcapitalist future. But the issue of postcapitalism is not so simple: the so-called stage of communism implied a hard break with capitalism and indirectly of liberal democracy. One has the feeling that the case of Russian despotism came to dominate the outcome. No sense of balance remained in the attempt to force communist abstraction into the void left by the animus to liberalism and democracy.
We have suggested that communism (and one suspects the Manifesto of M/E was closer to this than to bolshevik muddle) requires a constructivist adaptation of liberalism to a new set of axioms which nonetheless realize a democratic core rendered true by the expropriation of capital into a Commons. The nemesis of the old communism was the social democratic compromise that was imply another aspect of the harsh duality of thinking.
The point is that communist axioms are essential to bypass the degeneration into social democratic compromise, soon dismantled by the capitalists in the background. The point is rather that communism must be the foundation as a realization of democratic equality but this is not any kind of absolute division against liberalism: our democratic market capitalism allows a version of market economy (in relation to planning) inside a communist system (and that’s not the same as the much maligned ‘market socialism’). The hypnosis created capitalism has blinded us to the task and responsibility to experiment with complex new forms of economic organization and above all not getting ensnared in the artificial and dangerous fictions of markets in the grotesque ideologies of such as Fukuyama. We can restate the ‘end of history’ meme very easily (in its original versions) as an hypothesis about the directionality of democratic emergence which resolves itself to communist to realize its true ideal. We don’t have to create a devil out of markets or declare theory war on an ape given to truck and barter but can nonetheless snap out of the gross fictions of capitalist absolutes and the market myth. At a time of climate catastrophe that is simply sanity.

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