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Postcapitalism as a decision about history, not a ‘stages of production’ outcome in a sequence

March 26th, 2018 · No Comments

All these discussions of ‘postcapitalism’ (we have used the term many times here in a different way) make the same mistake that we have charged marx with: the assumption of a stages of production theory of history. The discussion revolves around variants of the idea a new stage of history is destined to replace capitalism. But is that a fair assumption? Probably not. However, in our usage postcapitalism is a construct of our own creation as free agents in history able to create a new kind of economic system. That subtle difference makes the concept of postcapitalism less speculative, but almost undefined.
The point here is that it may be futile to try and predict how the ‘system’ will evolve in the future: what is required is our own decision to produce a future that has postcapitalist focus.
But our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ still has market elements in the context beyond private property at the level of capital…

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