History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Dawkins cult, darwinian fundamentalism

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Dawkins cult muddling the question of evolution, enlightenment, …//Psychologists ask: What makes some smart people so skeptical of science? | Richard Dawkins Foundation
January 24th, 2017 ·
The darwinists, and scientists in general, are doing harm to the confusion created on the right,

especially in relation to climate change, but mixing separate issues together: evolution, climate change, vaccination, etc…Dissent on evolution is not the same as dissent on darwinism (the theory of natural selection) and the abuse of darwinism to promote an anti-religious agenda has in addition muddled the clarity of atheism, secularism and general humanism which needs a critical view of darwinism, desperately.
The last straw is the attempt to claim the Enlightenment. That’s a distortion. The first critics of darwinism arose before Darwin! And the Enlightenment produced a better take on evolution with figures like Lamarck (not his adaptationist theory) and the teleomechanists who arose in the Kantian critique of scientism and the confusion over teleology…
The harm done to both science and historical understanding is immense…
Smart people don’t reject science, but they do critique scientism, and if they are smart about biology they see through the natural selection ideology of darwinists…

By Melissa Healy In Washington, D.C., revelers and protesters are marking the ascendance of a new president and the populist movement he says he has mobilized. Some 1,600 miles away in San Antonio,…

Source: Psychologists ask: What makes some smart people so skeptical of science? | Richard Dawkins Foundation

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