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Darwinists nervous nellies about ‘design’ arguments…

April 6th, 2018 · No Comments

We have discussed the narrow confusion over design arguments by darwinists and the use of natural selection to ‘prove’ the fallacy of design. But natural selection is such a weak argument that the claims backfire.

So what are we to make of design? Let’s just be simple: evolution is connected to design, but this is not grounds for theistic proofs of the existence of god. Both sides then are involved in a kind of deception: the theists exploit design for theology while the darwinists and atheists attempt to banish design. The better approach is simply to accept design but to see it as a process in nature concerning phenomena that science so far cannot easily explain. And design invokes the question of teleology which has been incorrectly banished from science although Kant and his school of ‘teleomechanists’ long ago warned against the ‘newtonian’ versions of biology.
The frantic worries of the darwinian anti–design fanatics are most hallucination…
Who designed the designer?
November 18th, 2017 ·

Science, not theology, should decide the merits of Intelligent Design

This post has so much material it is hard to comment so we can cite one piece: who designed the designer? The design question founders in a Kantian type of antinomy which suggests any number of variants, e.g. yes, there is a teleological aspect to evolution, no, there is not. This seems to imply that there is a teleological aspect but not in the form we might suspect.
We have noted several times that the ‘eonic model’ satisfies some version of this antinomy: the eonic sequence shows one interpretation: it is directional, with or without a ‘telos’, or else in its intermittent character both teleological and not so…
Actually the ideas of macro and micro satisfy this: the macro aspect is teleological, the micro is not…


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