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Xtianity and slavery?

April 16th, 2018 · No Comments


We always been critical of xtianity, but we have also tried to put it in perspective as operating on two levels. We should note that there is absolutely no reason why we should take the theology of the church fathers dogmatically as an issue of faith.
If we face the facts we see that that the later theology is an impostor for something completely mysterious at the beginning. We must consider that this beginning generated a mysterious cultic current that then proceeded to its own realization and development. People have often felt this and the reality is worse than we think: we know virually nothing about the so-called founder, have little evidence of his teaching. The whole thing is suspicious. We have suggested an answer: mysterious spiritual powers entered the scene and created a starting point and left the result to human creative realization. We see a variant of this over and over again in the eonic effect and its histories taken as both system action and free action.
This the onset of christianity is veiled and easily open to misinterpretation.
Despite our critical take on xtianity already today it is also true that however spasmodic christianity rescued ancient civilization from slvery, or at least created a starting point culture for that and the resulting suspicion that the infelicities of church/theology and religious propaganda were sideshow for a system generating a slow but stead cultural change. That transformation never really completed itself and we see that the rise of the modern epoch was the real ingredient, but the overall outcome we can see had moved a long way from its degenerate state in the era of the early roman empire…

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