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What does the eonic effect suggest about theories of evolution…?

April 18th, 2018 · No Comments

another take on bennett…
What does the eonic effect suggest about theories of evolution…?

1. the eonic model is useful: it discusses ‘evolution’ without low level genetics confusing the issue
2. ‘evolution’ without genetics may have an invisible component rendering a full solution difficult or impossible
3. the above resembles the kantian distinction of noumenal/phenomenal: we see the phenomenon of evolution but not its essential dynamic (which might also confuse the issue, resemblance is not identity of ideas)
4. evolution is teleological as to noumenon and operates in discrete jumps as to phenomenon: all we see are discrete jumps. We don’t know how to connect the gaps in this series without speculative theories which fall prey to all sorts of nonsense. The fossil record transparantly suggests or is compatible with this: we see discrete transtions to new species…the question may connect with finetuning…
below may be more than we need…
(the reality may reflect but be more complex than this); the cambrian suggests a higher level transition to a field of ‘species potentials, a development of meta-forms???)
The latter might connect with bennett’s idea of an ‘hyparchic regulator’: evolution knows in advance where it is going, but must reify some latent blueprint. I would be very cautious about the last sentence…

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