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A neo-communist commune?

April 19th, 2018 · No Comments


It is probably no accident that the rajneesh commune evoked, suppressed distantly in the background, the idea of the paris commune. It might be significant as a gedanken experiment to construct the idea of neo-communist commune as a set of questions about how to do that:
the task is very difficult and constitutes perhaps a ‘bon idea’ sliding into a bad idea. But it might be useful to try and consider the way a commune based on a commons could exist inside a capitalist system. In fact variants are dime a dozen and have been tried in sixties euphoria mode over and over and mostly failed. And the bolshevik versions are simply grotesque.

But the difference here would the more comprehensive reflection based on (post)marxist neo-communist axioms, democratic/socialist economic experiments, careful reflections on religious/secular issues, self-critical psychological analysis of cultic/commune mindsets, a system of sharing, a robust economic package with both planned and externalizing ‘market’ aspects, etc, etc…Such a system however would have to hybrid and couldn’t fully realize a communism full-fledged in its interaction with the outside. And such a system must compete with the outside and can’t obviously pull off a mere cult with free labor etc…
The real communism is about a ‘socialist republic’ and an international.
But the exercise is useful and instantly provokes many of the difficulties of the current left. The idea might be a challenge in the abstract to the likes of rajneesh and the attempts to foment new class divisions/extractions of surplus value in the name of spirituality.

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