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Rajneesh and the neo-liberal tide…// Wild Wild Country – Wikipedia

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We have discussed the new documentary Wild Wild Country several times here.
In an ongoing reflection the riddle of rajneesh makes better sense if we see it as an early form of the anti-democratic wave (connected with neo-liberalism, ultimately) that has been creeping up on global politics and which has suddenly produced rightist wave we see now. This includes crypto- or explicit versions of fascism. But it is also connected, however, to the legacy of occult buddhist fascism. This may be slightly unfair. However, crackpot, rajneesh was ‘sincere’ (??) behind his bluff in wishing to create a new authoritarian cultural politics with a new brand of class division. The whole game is explicit in ouspensky’s reactionary plug of the code of manu and its caste ideology. rajneesh wasn’t quite that dumb (although on record in his clever non-dual pseudo-objectivity in praising manu’s system of caste). I will admit to not fully grasping all the aspects of this miasma. But evidently rajneesh thought he was smarter than all this and plotted something beyond these obvious connections which are behind the scenes influences as a curious brand that so quickly foundered in the muddle of pune and rajneeshpuram. For a version of this guru meme ideology consider Anirvan’s, To Live Within, to see how ashramic expansion as a new culture of class, anti-democracy, and disciples with no civil rights subject to guru authority and the right to murder.

The guru meme and format has a unique framework of authoritarian promotion that can override liberal minds based on the mystique of the guru tradition and the ‘path of enlightenment’. This now spurious legacy (anyone who wants a path to enlightenment would do better to work alone) but rajneesh’s complex bluff (you often thought he was a liberal) is almost eerie in its successful use of guru mythology to create the kind of working class revisionism of so-called disciples as sources of surplus value…rajneesh was clear about his rejection of socialism (he wrote ‘Beware of Socialism’) but he as clever about it and his discourses even contain (in his non-dual mode) a few favorable discussions of marx. His hapless sannyasins hadn’t a clue as to what he was up to. Despite what we are saying it’s true that we can’t easily analyze his bluff which is almost stunningly clever: apparently he was never even ‘enlightened’ and perhaps was a drone a hidden guru mafia: it may be he was a front for a hidden guru nexus with specific fascist aims…yet he as somehow aware of what was going on and denounced the buddhist sangha for creating a ‘zombie hitler’.
All this said, rajneesh did expose buddhist fascism, which suggests he wanted to create something more he would have thought a more intelligent version of a new society based on class with a religious bent, tibetan deja vu all over again.
http://darwiniana.com/2012/02/11/some-ruminations-on-non-violence/: an older post, and my views have changed slightly. But the background reflected in rajneesh is not obscure once we see buddhism in its darker aspects. Google ‘Shadow of the Dalai Lama‘ for an elaborate history of buddhist tantric fascism?!
Sweep away sentimental views of the samurai tradition, and the point about buddhism is clear. We should note the way the mahayana tradition produced the ‘boddhisattwa’ tradition which creates the man who vows to renounce enlightenment who often comes off in a pretense to enlightenment. The Dalai Lama is a past master of this fakery, but in the end he is not convincing but can retreat behind the ‘vow’. A figure like rajneesh had a lot more resources for this kind of stunt, the fake buddha no less.
The critique of the guru/cult meme is standard fare in contemporary society but it ironically persists in the christological version…did not the xtian outcome produce a clear version of ‘manu’ caste structure in the world of medieval lords and ladies, priests, serfs and merchants? There is plenty of liberal xtianity in the wake of the reformation, even a communist munzer. But let’s hope they have convinced the holy ghost on all this. But as we have noted, reformation xtianity isn’t really xtianity at all: it is in more to its own overcoming and secularization, still incomplete.

Source: Wild Wild Country – Wikipedia

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