History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Since darwin stole his ‘theory’ from alfred wallace, how about wallaceism…? human evolution and the eonic effect

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We simply don’t know how man evolved reason, consciousness and free will. However it just might be the case that the eonic effect gives a few hints: take the data of the axial age, as revised in the eonic model, and we can see that a very high level ‘evolutionary process’ is injecting starting points that man then completes. Look at the non-random distribution of innovations in the axial interval of ancient greece: in a tremendous irony the theme of ‘reason’ is just one of them, cf. ye olde Plato/Socrates, hey! (there may be a sumerian precursor). Note that the theme of reason is reamped in the modern enlightenment, another ‘eonic interval’ and transition. !!!!!

Mr. miller needs to study the eonic model…

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