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The kindle explosion…bypassing the darwin propaganda machine…

April 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

I am amazoned/amazed at the flood tide of kindle books, more and more of them at $.99. I am a part of that flood: i have produced fifteen or so kindle books myself at $.99/2.99 over the last three years. Some of them are archival material from this blog and/or variant selections from WHEE. You can produce various levels of books at Amazon: plain kindle. you set the price (.99 minimum, unless public domain?), textbooks, and illustrated books which will price higher due to the download times), the illustrated versions of my own books set at $2.99.
All of these books have free online pdf versions at dropbox.com. You can also produce paperback texts now (Adobe using Indesign may still be better, but the kindle tech improves all the time), if you produce a decent cover. The prices are quite higher here.

This revolution is important in the evolution field because you don’t have to rely on academic/’peer-viewed/darwin propaganda machine junk (like Miller’s The Human Instinct discussed yesterday) that is simply brazen in its deception/muddle over darwinism.

Books are going through a revolutionary transformation, to say the least.

Although I am not sure I fully agree with his thesis Anthony Signorelli’s The Postcapitalist Manifesto discusses the way capitalism is doomed, seen form the way digital value is plumetting to zero.
He’s right about that, the kindle phenomenon. Unless have an extensive reputation you just can’t charge very much and, in my experience, you will get the most readers by just giving it away: the free WHEE has had at least a million readers in the last 18 years).

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