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Socialism in semantic limbo

April 23rd, 2018 · No Comments

The muddle of terms and concepts has left the question of socialism in semantic limbo

R48G: democracy requires the expropriation of private property in the large
July 14th, 2017 ·
The talk of the failure of american democracy is altogether apt, yet misses the point that its legacy was always ambiguous.

The real issue is, can the US create democracy for the first time? We have suggested that electoral democracy is too limited to produce the real thing, and the evidence shows that the electoral system has been subject to a coup d’etat…This issue was thrashed out early on in the wake of the revolutions of the early modern leading to the birth of socialist and communist definitions… The point is clear from the historical record that the ‘bourgeois revolutions’ were compromised from the start.
We should consider new axioms and deductions: equality and fairness are not possible in the systems that were really bastions of private property. Let us ignore trivial possessions and consider the property empires at the larger level of capitalist industrialization. This system has shown itself to be rigged and has rendered democracy a fiction. And much of that ‘property’ is really the outcome of ‘primitive accumulation’, in the brilliant phrase of Marx.
We may safely deduce that democracy requires the expropriation of private property in the large.

A revolutionary international led by US?//America the Indispensable
June 14th, 2017 ·
We have suggested many times that if the US could enter a postcapitalist era it could also be in a position to redeem its crimes against humanity by leading a sane ‘international’…

The U.S. must, finally, move its economy from a war time footing to a peace time one. The real enemy today is not terrorism. The real war today is not a clash of civilizations. The real war today is the war that human civilization is waging against the biosphere. If we are to survive this war the U.S. is indispensable to that effort. She is the richest nation in the world. She is the most technologically advanced nation in the world. She is today spending close to a trillion dollars a year on the wrong war and so has ample discretionary income to transfer to the right war. She is also the foreign currency reserve for the world, and just as she recently printed trillions to save Wall Street from itself she can print trillions to save us from ourselves.

Source: America the Indispensable

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