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A complete postmarxist systematics that isn’t a system

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We have suggested a larger framework given the way marxism, atheism, historical materialism will generate endless controversy and opposition. Starting with Last and First Men
We have tried to produce a rounded package, which might generate even more controversy, but not so much if we can use the material with a real dialectic that can…communicate…:
1. communicate across secular/religious boundaries, with a toss to new agers on issues of religious history
2. communicate beyond darwinian theory in a more general view of evolution
3. communicate beyond historical materialism with a more generalized view of world history (WHEE is highly useful that and doesn’t need to be anything dogmatic or theoretical): the eonic effect which can be renamed points to an empirical approach…this is also important because although ‘man makes himself’ the reality is that man is helped along with an evolutionary driver. To start a revolution without that helper can end in fiasco.
4. communicate beyond marx’s theories to a more general view of economies with a crack shot expose of neo-classical economics
5. communicate beyond the ‘calculation debate’ with a realistic economic package (our suggestion is DMNC)
there’s more, but that’s a start…
6> not throw out the baby with the bath: marx/engels have a cogent starting point, issues of class, theory and ideology, etc…but marx made the same mistake with “theory and ideology’ that he charged Adam Smith and Ricardo with….the epic saga of marx/engels in the 1840’s…But marx was not clear about markets and our suggestion is a hybrid system that is both planned and market based (in a communist context).

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