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“Revolution in a warming world’ and our (r)evolutionary post-leninist DMNC

April 24th, 2018 · No Comments

Revolution in a Warming World: Lessons from the Russian to the Syrian Revolutions

This is an important essay. We have been exploring the ideas of climate change and revolution here over and over and we have extensive posts on the subject, with three kindle books (available free). Plus, Last and First Men, a basic intro to postmarxist neo-communism…

We have explored evolutionary and revolutionary tracks, and discussed virtual revolution as a conceptual tool to stop short of revolution, speaking abstractly, to create a language that can consider revolution in a virtual mode: this is for those who refuse the revolutionary path who might at least be clear about the options. The tool of virtual revolution may have to be set aside.

This essay also considers the issue of ecological fascism, and points to the dangers of new forms of climate catastrophe dictatorships, etc…We need to prepare a strategy now: we can be sure the pentagon (allied with various elites) have plenty things prepped up.

But our approach has been critical of certain aspects of marxism and tries to be ‘leninist’ with or without lenin (stalin).
If climate produces a climate catastrophe we need a new left platform that can evade the mistakes of marx to lenin. The marxist package was very limited and resolves around theoretical issues that are open to endless debate. We need an empirical approach. And to move beyond
stages of production’ theory…

Our two manifestos propose a set of ideas here that may be helpful for being clear in advance of what a revolutionary (and/or evolutionary) path might propose.
We have a tool that can generate any number of variants, but the basic framework of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ based on a Commons allows the reconciliation of strong authority, democracy, planning and postcapitalist ‘markets’, with a third sector below a threshold of size. This triadic tool can help to answer to what bolshevism produced: a bureaucracy and then a dictatorship with a one-party state. I doubt this was much different from fascism. We are in danger of ending up with a ‘civil war’ (of words, or worse) on the left as the marx cadre rigidly tries to control revolutionary thinking. (In reality they are paralyzed, and we may simply by pass them).

Our DMNC can resolve these issues, but it may need more detail…


Postcapitalist Futures: Notes Toward a Critique of Marxist ‘Stages of Production’ Theory, At amazon


This essay cites Rethinking Revolution, which i will try to read, but it is probably stills stuck in marxism…

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