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subtract the eonic data from world history and what do you have…?? a hunter gatherer…//A complete postmarxist systematics that isn’t a system

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We used the wordpress repackager that is often used here to cite other websites to cite our own post of today: we have cautioned against marxist oversimplifications. What are revolutionaries going to do if an enraged public refuses historical materialism because they think god acted in history? Or any number of such issues. (this writer is not a theist…or atheist…)
To say that economics is the determinant in history is a monumental blunder of the left.
Setting aside the question of ‘god’ and ‘atheism’ nevertheless move through the eonic effect from the paleolithic to sumer/egypt to the axial age to the modern transition and remove all the innovations inside the eonic sequence, and what are you left with? nothing much, a paleolithic hunter gatherer with no agriculture, bows and arrows, no high technology (no wheel), no writing, no books, no art, no religions, no economy beyond the trade in obsidian….in the greek axial you lose, homer, most of the poetry, tragedy, all the philosohers, deemcracy, keep going… stark naked.

The eonic effect warns us that almost all human innovation is ‘system generated’ albeit with man completing a half finished input from a marco effect…although not a theistic process, it echoes the idea of ‘god’ acting in history. But the realization of theism was itself a man-made muddle…
The left needs to debrief religion, no doubt, but also needs to learn the lesson: a revolution (and the macro operator generates the modern revolutions) is HUGE undertaking and yet cannot expect any more help from a macro effect. Man is on his own at this point. And the russian revolution shows the height incompetence at all points. That’s related to the obsession with ‘free markets’, which seem to have a kind of self-organization factor. We have heard enough of that in the endgame of capitalism, a real mess, but the point is clear enough that trying to create a postcapitalist future is not possible at the idiot level of marxists. We must create a new failsafed revolutionary procedure….Can the revolution produce a new mozart? no it can’t so the revolutionary path must proceed with exceeding caution….Man has managed to create democracy, with system generated starting points. Perhaps the trick is to create a Commons inside a democracy…In fact we the first communist ideas clearly correlated with the early modern and the english civil war: democracy soon became a compromised and incomplete formation, pure marx/engels, they go that much right.
Note: as to the ‘god’ question, the macro operator generated monotheism and the axial transition, but look at the mess man has made of it in the period of realization…

3. communicate beyond historical materialism with a more generalized view of world history (WHEE is highly useful that and doesn’t need to be anything dogmatic or theoretical): the eonic effect which can be renamed points to an empirical approach…this is also important because although ‘man makes himself’ the reality is that man is helped along with an evolutionary driver. To start a revolution without that helper can end in fiasco.

Source: A complete postmarxist systematics that isn’t a system

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