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Cuba Libre/netflix…castro’s lost opportunity and the legacy of the yankee mafia

May 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

It is worth watching the netflix documentary ‘cuba libre’ at the moment that the fidelistas took over cuba: it is remarkable how suddenly that happened. More remarkable is the way that fidel, at first no communist, was drawn into the soviet orbit, etc…
We are either enthusiastic fans or else brainwashed by american anti-communism.
First, the series (not really the best, or fully objective) is a reasonably good portrait of the legacy of american and (spanish) imperialism. It is a dreadful legacy, including the history of slavery.
We suffer many amnesiac ‘holes in the brain’, one of the most lurid being that batista was actually sympathetic to the communists in the thirties, turning into a sordid dictator much later in the coming of the mafia like an injection of a deadly toxin, supported by the us.
Fans of kennedy might note the futility of their hero worship in the transparent gangster imperialism attempting to restore cuba to the empire, etc…

The point here beyond documentary surface is a critique from the left: castro was actually aware of the problems with communism and wasn’t a convert at the start.
In any case we have another illustration of the way marxist legacies actually crippled the cuban revolution: when the fidelists came into havana, they were fumbling because communist/marxist thinking had no strategy for creating a new system. The legacy of marx offered no real blueprint for anything and the result was the vacuum suddenly filled by stalinists.
If the us had anything like real geopolitical (and moral) sanity they would have tolerated a cuban experiment to challenge imperialism/capitalism and contributed tolerantly to an attempt to create a post-imperialism.

Our discussions of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ shows directly how a reasonable postcapitalism could have been constructed if only the dead hand of the soviet stalinists could have been evaded…
Again, it is remarkable that castro started as a critic of communism…
What a fumbled football on all sides…But cuba has revived that moment of opportunity: let’s hope they can both preserve and rework their revolutionary opportunity.

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