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Genomic futurism…?

May 20th, 2018 · No Comments

Is the ‘new man’ a question of genomics?
DNA and ‘destiny’
…reductionist frankensteins and the fallacies of natural selection//The Rise of a New Species of Human Being
March 28th, 2017 ·
The fallacy that man has evolved by natural selection has been engrained in the public even as biologists are trying to move on. This issue makes the question of ‘evolution’ ambiguous and it is certain dangerous to consider tinkering with genomes in the name of evolution if you don’t know what ‘evolution’ is. And many intangible issues prevent a full definition of man who is more than a genetic mechanism. The stubborn refusal to grasp this cautions a considerable skepticism and caution in a field of reductionist frankensteins…

The question of the human ‘soul’ makes it very unlikely science will be able to master ‘speciation’ any time soon save in the barter of robotic pseudo-individuals…

Today, what survives on Earth can be determined entirely by human beings. We can alter the genetics of almost any life form and potentially design entirely new ones. According to renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, “In the future, a new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.” In their book Evolving Ourselves , Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans describe a world where evolution is no longer driven by natural processes. Instead, it is driven by human choices, through what they call unnatural selection and non-random mutation. As a result, we will see the emergence of an entirely new species of human beings.

Source: The Rise of a New Species of Human Being

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