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Revolutionary equivocations…

May 20th, 2018 · No Comments

Red Forty-eight Group: time for movements, parties, revolutions…? disappearing up your own asshole at the end game of a planet confronting the karmic shock of realization in the bardo realm of his rebirth into his self-created hellzone…?
March 29th, 2017 ·

We have deliberately equivocated the idea of a revolutionary solution to the current crisis of culture, politics and ecology. Since it is sometimes the ‘thought that counts’ we can win both ways, or, regrettably, lose both ways…
I fear the current cultural situation is too far gone for a reovlutionary action, but we should be ready to try even as we aspire to an electoral transformation of the current scene. As things stand now, we are dead by climate catastrophe. Perhaps that situation can still resolve itself. But we must at least ‘multitask’ the idea of revolutionary action and write out the check list of ‘to do’s complete with a string around the pointing finger as a reminder of our revolutionary absent mindedness.

At the first we must consider that doing nothing verges on a crime against the future of humanity: we can sit out this crisis watching netflix while a disastrous situation emerges to curse our children/grandchildren. We will be dead, why bother to do anything? The prospects here make the notion of the ‘last man’ nauseatingly ‘out front’.
Clarity of thinking is the key and if we examine the efforts of activists we often see the waste of opportunity. Marches on washington have been rendered harmless ‘ra ra’ in the cheering gallery where the possibilities of a million people marching on washington could certainly be revolutionary. The other key is to be ready and here neither the marxists nor the non-violent gandhians, nor the middle spectrum of social democratic reformists can claim to a framework that can succeed in this situation, should it ripen.
A key point here is the totally misleading example of bolshevism and the inability to create a reasonable democratic format for a postcapitalist transition. We have suggested a two forked path: an electoral/evolutionary path, but one that is revolutionary in principle as a constitutional refoundation and this itself might generate an actual revolutionary situation.
What is essential is see through the limits of leninist thinking and not squander opportunity in another episode of red terror leading to stalinism. How on earth did that outcome spoil a great moment of possible realization? Whatever the case it is nothing to do with our situation now. Once answer can be a balanced hybrid of elements stretching between democracy, markets and socialism and a neo-communist stance of the issue of the Commons. The result will be a variant of the american revolution but with a constitutional limit set on the action of capital and private ownership. The result, out of the hands of hopeless idiots overtrained in marxist/leninist cliches, could be simply, practical, honest and open, with a balance of control and autonomy, in motion beyond capitalism but still open to forms of the market and definitely non-totalitarian. Such a system would work because it is the same yet different as the original format of democracy, a popular outcome.
A million people with right determination could march on washington and ignite a transitional phase. A clear constitutional plan, a populist platform of economics, a shared economy of resources, a strong trend toward equality with guarantees of rights and liberties in the context of post-lockean property rights, could energize a majority out of its current slavery to ideological control by pseudo-democratic elites. As things stand now we are like spectators at a gladiator show watching a cruel spectacle in which we are too passive to intervene. We face the reality of the last man, disappearing up his own asshole and confronting the karmic shock of realization in the bardo realm of his rebirth into his self-created hellzone…

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