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Marx/engels foresaw their inability to forsee what a future socialism would be like…

May 21st, 2018 · No Comments

One of the ironies of the history of marxism is the elusive way marx/engels anticipated the problems with their own theories/platforms. In fact, this was the basis for a kind of silence about what a future communism would be. But the emergence of stalinism was connected to this void: what we need now is a set of blueprints for a real postcapitalism
and this in our view will move beyond capitalism but still possibly maintain a system of markets…markets as processors of ‘clearing’ or information processing, etc… A revolutionary/evolutionary transition must be specific about what it is going to do and be able to disengage if caudillo stalinism tries to coopt the outcome: an abort mode. In our formulation ‘state capitalism’ never appears because the ‘state’ won’t control the economy: the state will protect the Commons but the latter is not a state run enterprise of enterprises: running the economy will be done by a new type of economist connected to a set of ecological courts, planning bodies/courts, labor organizations and parliamentary bodies completely insulated from the kind of farce present in the current ‘wall street constitution’…It would also have a new kind of entrepreneur able to marshall ‘capital that is no longer capital in the archaic sense’ (resources licensed from the Commons) to create social corporations run under the demands of efficiency, and, yes, profitable ledger Plus…
R48G: beyond the marxist straight jacket to a new strategy of ‘constructivist neo-communism’
August 17th, 2017 ·
The core ideas of marxism are actually viable extracted from their brittle theory wrapper: class struggle, capitalist critique, etc…But the issue of ‘stages of production’ has created a dubious theory of history which critics can use to challenge any concept of a postcapitalist futurism.
The whole thing can be redone in a way that frees marxists from their own straight jacket and allow a new strategy of ‘constructvist neo-communism’ in the sense of free agents in history applying a critique to social capitalism and thence freely creating a successor. And this will roust passive leftism from its doldrums of teleological fantasies of theory about their circumstance.


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